Thursday, 1 September 2011

Honeymoon Decisions

When the whole world is your oyster*, how do you chose where you want to go?

At Christmas, shortly after our engagement, a friend of mine bought be Make the most of your time on earth: 1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences. This book is gorgeous and is filled with amazing sights from all corners of the globe (ok the globe doesn’t have corners, but you get my drift)

Since then Mr C and I have spent many a day looking through this book and trying to form some idea of where we would both like to go for  THE BIG holiday. (ok, no pressure then)

Due to the fact that we have never been outside of Europe (bar an accidental trip to Turkey), making a decision about where we might go has been pretty difficult.

We love a city break, but I also wanted a bit of swimming and sea time, He loves a bit of an adventure, I wanted to go somewhere with a bit of history. 

We eventually decided on Vietnam. 

Halong Bay:
Hoi An:
 via Flickr

And the fact that we get to go to an island called Phu Quoc.  

But the only issue was that we wouldn’t be able to afford to this directly after the wedding. We want to see quite a few things in Vietnam, and with this I can’t imagine there will be too much chilling out time which we will probably need straight after the wedding. So we have decided to go to Vietnam a little later in the year (something else to look forward to).

However, we do want to have a break straight after the wedding, (a mini moon if you will)
We love Cornwall. It is such a gorgeous, relaxing place, whatever the weather.

So, we have booked a beautiful little cottage in Cornwall for a few days after the wedding.
We are going to chill, eat pasties and cream teas, stroll along beautiful Cornish beaches and walk in the stunning countryside, all the while, I will be pretending that I live here:  

check out that view! Photos via Boutique Retreats were we booked this cottage in Mousehole.

*well perhaps not the whole world…. I think there were quite a few places that I would have loved to have gone that were a little beyond the price bracket! J