Thursday, 7 July 2011

Venue Decisions

Before I launch into how and why we chose where to get married, I thought it might be worth adding a little back story.

Mr C and I met in Devon, at University. I am from Wiltshire and the boy is Cardiff born and bred. I moved up to Cardiff (after spending a couple of years apart) 4 years ago. On a weekend break in Bath, he proposed.

When deciding on where we would get married, we first needed to pin it down to a location to look in.

Overseas? Well this was never really an option, I wanted to be able to have as many people there as we could reasonably afford.

Cardiff? It felt like cheating on the West Country

Devon? Surprisingly, didnt find an awful lot of places that floated my boat and if they did they didnt make sense as they weren't anywhere near where we used to live.

Brides Home town? Having not lived there for most of my adult life, it didnt really seem like the place to get married.

So where then?

Well we want it to be not too far from either parents but maybe with some kind of attachment?

So we started to look for venues in Bath, where we had got engaged. Not too far from Cardiff, not too far from home.

Oh my, we could get married in a Cinema!

Oh my, we could get married in the Roman Baths!

Oh my, we could have an Italian Restuarant reception! (if I had less guests, this would have been it - it was so lovely)

And then we sat down and thought about what we wanted:
Some outdoor space, just in case the sunshines
A pretty ceremony space
A BBQ (was always on the top of the list)

So we started to look for what we really really wanted and we found Wick Farm

Wick Farm, Farleigh Hungerford

And I cannot wait to marry Mr C there next June

PS Mr C referred to some of the places we visited as: 'The one that smelt of feet', 'The one that smelt of poo' and 'The one that smelt of semolina'.
Wick Farm was pleasantly odourless.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Real Bride Competition

After entering the real bride competition on Rock My Wedding* I realised how much I enjoyed writing and putting my wedding ideas down on to paper and also designing (a few) mood boards.

So this is partly why I decided to write this blog, so that I could have a place to keep these ideas.

So although I didnt get to become a RMW Real Bride (sad face), I have still got my own little space to jot down my thoughts and ideas and who knows, one day I might actually let people know about this little online diary.

*I am addicted to this site... literally... I think I look at it more than I smoke....

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Get an actual bargain....

Now if you know me... you know that I was very very hesitant about spending (what I consider) to be a lot of money on the wedding dress.

Then I tried on a dress that was completely and utterly out of my budget. (This is a stupid thing to do, but honestly I had no idea about the price differences between dress before hand... no clue...who knew the price difference? Not me)

So did I move and pretend I didnt like this dress? No....I tried this dress on 3 times.
It has been at the back of my mind while I look into other much more reasonable options and with 11 months to go my thinking was that have plenty of time to find something else I like as much or at least like nearly as much but can afford.

But then I found out that this dress that I really liked was in a sample sale so I hotfooted it down to the designers shop this saturday just gone, and I found the dress for over 60% less than it was and only fractionally more than my orginal 'pre-bridal shop discovery' budget.

I love an actual bargain i.e. getting want you want at a price you can (reasonably) afford.