Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Get an actual bargain....

Now if you know me... you know that I was very very hesitant about spending (what I consider) to be a lot of money on the wedding dress.

Then I tried on a dress that was completely and utterly out of my budget. (This is a stupid thing to do, but honestly I had no idea about the price differences between dress before hand... no clue...who knew the price difference? Not me)

So did I move and pretend I didnt like this dress? No....I tried this dress on 3 times.
It has been at the back of my mind while I look into other much more reasonable options and with 11 months to go my thinking was that have plenty of time to find something else I like as much or at least like nearly as much but can afford.

But then I found out that this dress that I really liked was in a sample sale so I hotfooted it down to the designers shop this saturday just gone, and I found the dress for over 60% less than it was and only fractionally more than my orginal 'pre-bridal shop discovery' budget.

I love an actual bargain i.e. getting want you want at a price you can (reasonably) afford.

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