Thursday, 30 June 2011

Getting Muddy

So I have been in Glastonbury for 5 days.... and now back to normality which is kind of weird.

On Monday I was scared of traffic....

Yesterday, the telephone at work gave me the heebie-jeebies

Today I am back to (some kind) of normality.

Mr C didn't come with me as (and I quote) 'its too big' for him. So, although I had a fab time, I really missed him.

He picked me up from the bus station and I was so please to see him I had a little cry. *shhhh don't tell anyone,

The festival got me thinking about the wedding and the amazing ideas you can take from a festival and incorporate into the big day

Prior to getting engaged, I really liked the idea of an outdoor ceremony and 'festival' esque theme. A friend of mines' boy wants to have a 3 day Wedfest. And I must admit the idea is amazing.

But bloody expensive... and also (and you do have to ask this in the UK) what happens if it rains?

So although we are getting married is in a barn.... it is on a farm*, in somerset.... and Prince will be playing at ours**

*Wick not Worthy
** live via the DJ ;o)

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