Friday, 17 June 2011


My ‘nickname’ came about after a friend made me a birthday card and replaced GaGas head with mine… plus what with my surname starting with Har…it just stuck.

Mr C makes up new nicknames for us, oh probably about once a week… at one point we were Sergeant Elbows and Agent Side-hawk (still for the life of me, I have no idea why).

Last Sunday whilst sat in bed, he turns to me and says ‘your new nickname is Grinder’, he then prompted me…. So I called him Laurence Llewellyn Bowen … or LLB for short….

This week we are Burner and Gooch

God only knows what names he’ll come up with next week.

So of course conversations have arisen whereby we both change our names to something ridiculous before we get married, but not tell anyone until the ceremony… and then the registrar will have to be all solemn and serious and read:
‘do you Lady HarHar take Sergeant Elbows’

And then I would be Mrs Lady HarHar Elbows.... erm too much?? Maybe

Which leads me on to the real issue at heart.... What is my name going to be this time next year? I am yet to make a firm decision on whether I take his name, keep mine or make a double barrelled option. He doesnt want to take mine and have a double-barrelled name...he thinks it sounds too posh (he may have a point), but there is no expectation from HIM to take his name (expectation from others though, of course)...

But still, I will miss being miss lady harhar

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