Monday, 3 October 2011

Keeping Regular

One of the number one rules of blogging is that you blog REGULARLY.

Well surely this is if you are trying to cultivate an audience? And does anyone really expect to cultivate (is this the right term?) straight away?

But anyway, I digress, as I do... I will start to blog on a regular basis. I will book time in to do it and I will post SOMETHING at least once a week!

Yes? Yes I will.

I have also started a bit of a fitness 'regime'. Well not really a regime as such, more a smattering of occassional classes. Last week I attempted Zumba (great fun) and Step Aerobic (sadist teeny tiny instructor). Tonight I am off to a Hip Hop dance class... (dont laugh) and Wednesday is Yogalates.
YAY for new stuff!

Today I also order a book called 'Stitch n Bitch'  beginners guide to knitting. Yes, I am going to start to learn to do something creative.

It is all quiet on the wedding front. 8 Months to go and we are pretty sorted:
Venue booked, Dress purchased, Suits chosen, DJ booked, Photographer done, Honeymoon Cottage chosen.... so next jobs are: Bridemaids (yep I changed my mind again), flowers, stationery... oh thats it really! So taking the foot of the gas for a while to enjoy the run up to Christmas. :)


  1. Hi,just saw your comment on Rock My Wedding re. hairdressers in Bath/NE Somerset area. I don't know what sort of look you are after, but I can really recommend Isabel While -might be worth a try?

  2. I have Stitch n Bitch! It's really good. Although I haven't got past the beginners' scarf yet, and mine has holes in it, but I'm still very proud of it. Maybe this winter there will be a matching hat...