Monday, 17 October 2011

Knitting, naughty puppies and what to do with my hair!

Keeping Regular? Well I lied. Maybe fornightly to start with?

So after I bought the stitch and bitch book, I finally got some needles and wool at the weekend and have started to knit. Currently it looks a bit like a scarf for Barbie, with a couple of teeny gaps! 

The parents visited this weekend and we had much deserved chilling time. Plus they bring with them the crazy pups, Leo and Maisey (Llahasa Apsos dogs). Leo decided to carry my wool from the sofa right into the garden, whilst I was still hanging on to the needles. Needless to say, the wool has now got a few knots that are a bugger to get out. So tonight after Hip Hop (dance class!) I am going to attempt cutting the wool and then learning how to add the wool in again. Cue reading stitch and bitch and searching for youtube tutorials.

The weekend was somewhat overshadowed by the rugby, the welsh contingent are not happy chappies right now... crossing fingers for 3rd place, just to cheer them up!

Wedding planning: pretty quiet right now. Got a thing for 3ft yellow balloons again thanks to this lovely wedding here:

Hopefully seeing a florist on Saturday too, so can start thinking about what we want.

Oh and 'bridal bob or not' is back in force after seeing this post:

I am thinking bob all the way! (Mainly because I am fed up of growing it)

I was also extremely excited about the launch of - go take a peek!

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