Sunday, 21 August 2011


This weekend all my bridesmaids came to visit and I was reminded just how lucky I am. My 4 bridesmaids (My sister and my 3 best buds) all got on so well, we got drunk, we laughed and I thought all day: Wow, I am a lucky lucky girl.

So heres to my bridesmaids, who ROCK.... I cannot wait to till I see you all again.

oh and dresses.... I thought I wanted floral maxi dressed or little lace dresses but they tried on these navy dresses from coast

via Coast

and they all looked stunning in them... so just got to hold out for a sale ;o)


  1. It's good to want your girls to look hot. That dress is cute!

  2. Yeah I really do. I guess I'm quite laid back about what they wear and want them to be happy to wear it. :) Its not easy though with 4 very different girlies ;)