Thursday, 4 August 2011

10 Months to go... well nearly

10 Months until Wee Day (can I call it that?, I like that it sounds like D-Day!)

10 months until the wedding and I am in that weird limbo stage again... anyone else suffer from it? (Mainly procrastinators and dreamers no doubt)

Our wedding planning as gone a bit like this:

Engaged: look at ring, read a 1000 different blogs, buy 100 magazines, have a new idea every other minute. (This happened for about 2 months)

Make decisions: looked at a few venues, one was pretty and didn’t smell funny and could offer us a BBQ: booked and deposit paid.

Make another decision: 2 months later, look into photographers, find a few we like, book Tom Smith because we like his pictures and he seems like a very nice man and deposit paid

Found local hotel, with nice big room for me to get ready in: booked

DJ, like his website, booked.

Registrar: went to local council offices, told them we are not related, sorted.

Found dress in February, didn’t want to pay full price, looked at loads of others, bought dress I originally wanted with 70% off.

I have basically got the essentials there: a location, some one to do the ceremony, some one professional to take nice pics, a BBQ, a posh dress, music and somewhere to stay afterwards....

My question is: what else is there to do other than 'fun stuff' (i.e. decorative items?)

If it wasn’t for saving the cash, I would have got married a lot quicker. It would reduce the chance of changing your mind constantly, and also spending many a week thinking 'surely I should be doing some kind of wedding planning?' Because when you have got to get stuff done, you just do it.

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